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Download Red Nose Day Actually: The Love Actually Sequel You Need to See

13 years later, the Love Actually cast reunited for the mini-sequel Red Nose Day Actually, and it was actually the best thing ever. Not only did it answer all of our burning questions about what the couples are up to now, it also helped raise funds and awareness for children living in poverty.

download red nose day actually


Among salesman Rufus's products are red noses in honour of Red Nose Day. When a child in line buys one and agrees to have it gift wrapped, Rufus proceeds with great delight to take an absurdly excessive amount of time doing so. The waiting line soon becomes so long that it blocks car traffic outside.

The best part about the campaign is that everyone can take part in its mission. All you have to do is buy a red nose from a participating stores (Walgreens and Duane Reade) and get your friends involved by sharing images on social media. You can also get additional gear to celebrate like red hats and headbands.

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Sometimes when you're looking into the world of charity and poverty and how to make a difference, things can get a little dark and depressing. So it's really nice to have something come along that is solely about helping those living in poverty and having fun at the same time. Make sure to head over and find out even more about what you can do for this awesome cause. And make sure you watch the special tonight, Thursday, May 21st at 8pm EST on NBC.

Whether you need to announce an event, boost sales or get more donations, we make it easy with the editable templates our expert designers have prepared for you. You won't have to download any application as the process is 100% online. You don't need any computer knowledge either: our panel is intuitive and easy to use.

Red Nose Day is a UK fundraising initiative every two years, run by Comic Relief. It combines a telethon with fundraising activities in the community. In 2015, some Scratch sprite packs were released for Red Nose Day, with themes including health, danceathon, celebrities, cars, and red noses. The sprites are a lot of fun, but unfortunately the site that was distributing them is no longer online. For Red Nose Day 2019, I've posted them online again. I have done this on the understanding that these sprites were originally made available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike licence, which would have been necessary for users to be able to share their projects on the Scratch website.Download the sprites

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If you decide to have a fundraiser of your own, we think a great way to fundraise is to have a bake off / bake sale, and these Red Nose Day Comic Relief cake toppers are a great decoration for the cause. We have every single one of the noses to choose from, making ten fantastic toppers for your cakes!


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