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Subtitle A Man Apart

This film comments on the US military practice of testing Remington .12 caliber bullets in Vietnam. In an interview, a German commando leader in the US Marines explains that such guns are common and effective weaponry. Laboratory analysis and shooting tests conducted by the filmmakers reveal that the bullets often explode into small fragments on impact, causing a person's organs to be torn apart from the inside.

subtitle A Man Apart

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NOKUBHEKA: [subtitles] I love dancing and singing along to the song. When I'm dancing, I forget that my mother passed away. When I'm dancing, I feel happy and I don't think about anything else. I love dancing.

ZANDILE: [subtitles] It is painful living with the disease. It's really painful. You think back to the time before you had the disease, how you could run as far as you wanted whenever you liked. But now that's impossible. I have no energy. Even standing up is a challenge. Every move has to be planned.

BHEKI: [subtitles] For us, it's helped that our mother is a caregiver so we can talk about things here at home as a family. If people talked more openly, it would be easier to prevent the spread of this disease.

NICHOLIN DLAMINI, Mother of Bheki and Zandile: [subtitles] In 1990, I was trained for three months. The community leaders gave me a course on how to be a caregiver in the community. Diseases were not this bad then. It was just normal diarrhea and vomiting in children, and immunizing them.

TENGETILE NSELE: [subtitles] My name is Tengetile Nsele. I'm a counselor here. I have been treated for MDR. I was treated for normal TB. I didn't respond to the treatment, and then I was treated for MDR.

NICHOLIN DLAMINI, Mother of Bheki and Zandile: [subtitles] She was vomiting continuously. No food would stay down. She vomits both pills and food. So the doctor stopped her TB pills so that she can gain some weight because her body could not take the pills. She was just too weak.

BHEKI: [subtitles] I take almost 20 pills a day. If it were up to me, they should leave me to die. I don't know which ones are causing me pain. And there are injections, too. It's a real problem having to take so many pills.

NARRATOR: TB is highly infectious and can be passed through the air with a cough. Despite masks, beds spaced 13 feet apart and numerous other precautions, two nurses at the TB hospital have already been infected, and persuading anyone to work here and care for these patients is an ongoing challenge.

PRIEST AT BEDSIDE: [subtitles] Father, at this time, we hand Zandile over to you, in the name of God. Have mercy on her, Almighty. The doctors are still trying to cure her in the way they know how. Father, even today, you can do miraculous work. Father, give her life that comes from you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Father, we thank you. Amen.

BHEKI: [subtitles] Sometimes when I think I'm sleeping, I often think about getting a piece of rope to go and hang myself. This life that I'm living is terrible. I sometimes feel sorry for my mother because she will be left alone. She won't have any children. Life is not good. It's so hard, I don't know how to explain it. If death was something you could build, I would have built it by now. If it didn't come with pain, I would have built it long ago. But it comes with pain.

NOKUBHEKA: [subtitles] I really don't want to be here anymore. Whether I'm sick or not, I want to be outside. I often feel trapped in here. It feels like a jail because I am not allowed out of the gates.

NARRATOR: The rules on how far apart beds have to be to reduce the risk of cross-infection mean that despite its size, the hospital can only take 70 patients. So there is always pressure for beds.

NEW PATIENT: [subtitles] It grew into a big lump, and on this side. Two on this side. They could not cure it in Mbabane, so they told me to come here for treatment. They told me I had TB and that I had to come here for my injections, and for this.

NOKUBHEKA: [subtitles] When I woke up in the morning, I found that she had gone. I overheard people talking. They said she died at 3:00 o'clock this morning. For me as a small child, it's hard to see these things happening in front of me. The first time I saw someone die was here at this hospital.

PRIEST: [subtitles] We pass our condolences to the community and to everyone who has been affected by Zandile's death. Rest in peace. We shall forever miss you, Zandile. The gap you've left will never be filled.

NOKUBHEKA: [subtitles] When they told me I could leave the hospital, I was very happy. I felt like flying away somewhere. Life is much better now that I'm staying here instead of at the TB hospital.

NOKUBHEKA: [subtitles] I've been taking these pills for a long time. I wish it could come to an end. Then I could focus on my education and be like a normal school girl and not have to take these pills and go to the hospital all the time. The day I stop taking these pills, I will be very happy. My heart will be overjoyed.

NICHOLIN DLAMINI: [subtitles] I really believed Zandile would get better. They worked so hard to try and cure her. I've surrendered everything to God. I'm just praying for Bheki to live. It would hurt me terribly if Bheki also reached this stage.

NICHOLIN DLAMINI: [subtitles] Hello, Zandi. There where you are, I will be joining you, too.When I come here, it feels like I can sit here and have a conversation with her because my spirit has still not accepted that she's passed on. If it were possible for those who make the pills to come up with drugs with a shorter period of treatment, then she would have held on and finished her treatment and survived.

NICHOLIN DLAMINI, Mother of Bheki and Zandile: [subtitles] Let us accept the fact that we are faced with a TB epidemic. We need to get together and fight for our survival so that there can be a future for the next generation because if we give up the fight right now, the children are finished. 041b061a72


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