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[S3E29] Butterfly Trap

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Not even the combined power of the Magical High Commission, excluding Lekmet, could escape from the boxes trap. Stated in the book of spells that it can absorb entire universes.)

[S3E29] Butterfly Trap

After Lady Olivia, General Yunan, and Marcy destroy the eyes projecting their fears, Andrias appears and stops them from escaping. The Core then reveals themselves to the trio, and grabs Marcy with one of their tentacles and strapped her to a chair. Andrias explains the Core desired a host, and they chose Marcy because of her intelligence. While Andrias admits he begged his master to reconsider someone else, he ultimately gives Marcy to the Core as it placed a helmet on her, allowing the Core to enter her body. The transference, unfortunately, works as the Core, now inside Marcy's body, ominously greets Olivia and Yunan. From that moment onward, the Core gains full control of Marcy's body with her consciousness locked away from the rest of the hivemind though some of her traits still bled through, such as her clumsiness and love for red velvet cupcakes with ube frosting.

The Core sought Marcy Wu as their host due to her possessing high intelligence and being capable of beating Andrias at the game Flipwart, as well as being one of the girls from the olm prophecy. After Marcy had been healed from the injuries she sustained from Andrias, she was restrained and possessed by the Core. Upon taking over Marcy, the Core repressed Marcy's consciousness, effectively keeping Marcy as prisoner of her own mind. The Core intended to have Marcy join the hive mind eventually, thus they gave her a fantasy world where her deepest dreams were granted to ensure her compliance. However, Marcy rejected the false reality and called the Core a coward for hiding away, prompting the Core to trap her in a black void as punishment. Marcy was eventually freed by the Core's control by Sasha chopping off the cable on Darcy's helmet.

Eclipsa is an associate of Eda's who helps supply her and her friends with magic sources. Eclipsa takes interest in Sid Chang and her having the royal butterfly wand and spell book. She has desires to teach Sid more about the wand, book and spells though Eda believes she should be Sid's teacher at the moment.

Sid and Luz both decide to ulitmately sneak out from the rest of the cast. They are stopped by Eclpisa and Larke, who points out that the two are walking into an equivlant of a mine trap. They decide to ulitmaely decide to join them alongisde Mark, Lisa, Sylvester, Tweety, Molly and Scratch

Eclipsa tries to wiggle out of the trap set and Mina just threatens her while toying with her and Globgor with her family's death who she includes Sid in seeing her as the replacement daughter for the late queen. Eclipsa tries to put it together about what Belos, Mina and Vecna are building against them respectively as she ponders to Globgor and Lisa. Lisa and her notice some people coming from the stair cases branding weapons and all that.

Entrapta lifts herself to his chest and wraps her arms around him, catching Hordak in shock. He was alarmed, but he was not troubled by it. It was warm so he stood still as best as he could, if trying not to frighten her from the slightest muscle movement. 041b061a72


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