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Not Going Out Subtitles English S01E01

The show's creators purposefully made the decision not to include Kenari subtitles in Andor, just like George Lucas did with several alien languages. It puts more of an emphasis on the viewer to decipher what is happening based on the body language and movements of the children, as well as the inflection of their voices and their actions that follow. Giving Andor subtitles would result in the show plainly stating the thoughts and actions of the kids, but removing them from the equation confirms that viewers do not need to know the exact dialogue to understand what is going on. It might even be a way for Andor to heighten the show's realism, as Kenari's language is not commonly spoken. Since the show is the first exposure to Kenari for Star Wars, audiences are left in the same position as the scavengers by not being able to understand a young Cassian.

Not Going Out subtitles English S01E01

There is little dialogue spoken as the kids travel to the site of the crash, but Andor's Kenari subtitles could have revealed more about their plan to explore it. The group's leader lays out a strategy that seems to be based around her going first and telling the others to follow once it is safe. Before Andor episode 3, the kids begin screaming once their leader is shot and killed, and they begin talking about how they need to take her body away thereafter. Cassian then appears to threaten to kill the scavengers in what would be the last need of the Kenari subtitles in Andor. 041b061a72


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